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Finding Help for Childhood Behavioral Disorders

Most parents usually have a hard time seeing the difference between true childhood behavioral problems and normal childhood behavior. But understanding the unique developmental path of your child is necessary so that you can begin to interpret, adapt, or accept your child’s behavior.

With that said, you can always consult with your pediatrician, Dr. Shahab Eunus or Dr. Mamatha Sandu, here at Kid's Health Alliance, PA in Ocala, FL, if you suspect that your child has some kind of behavioral disorder in children.

General Types of Childhood Behavior to Know About

To help you better understand your child’s behavior, it can be helpful to know these general behavior types in children:

  • Certain behaviors are approved and welcomed. These typically include doing chores, being polite, doing homework, and the like. These are actions that garner compliments and approval easily and freely.
  • Some behaviors aren’t sanctioned, but are tolerated under specific circumstances like stressful events such as moving house, an illness or death in the family, or a birth. These behaviors might include being very self-centered, regressive behavior like thumb sucking or baby talk, or not doing house chores.
  • Other behaviors shouldn’t and can’t be reinforced or tolerated. These include certain actions that harm the emotional and physical wellbeing of your child, other family members, and other people. These may likewise interfere with the intellectual development of children.

How Parents Respond to Their Children’s Behavior is Crucial

How you respond to a specific behavior is guided by whether or not you consider that behavior problematic. Oftentimes, parents overreact or over-interpret to a normal, minor short-term behavioral change. On the other hand, they can also downplay or ignore a serious behavior and try to find quick fixes to behavioral disorder problems in children. This is the ideal time to seek guidance from your pediatrician in Ocala, FL.

Your own mood, temperament, as well as daily pressures also play a vital role in how you interpret your children’s behavior. Strict parents are usually quick to discipline and correct their children, while more easygoing parents typically consider a broader range of certain behaviors as normal so they’re not quick to label behaviors as problems to be solved.

With all this in mind, if you’re concerned about the development or behavior of your children, or if you’re unsure how these aspects impact each other, discuss your concerns with your pediatrician as soon as possible.

For More Details or Concerns on Behavioral Disorder in Children, We Can Help

Schedule a consultation with your pediatrician here at Kid's Health Alliance, PA in Ocala, FL, Dr. Shahab Eunus or Dr. Mamatha Sandu, by calling (352) 237-5400.

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